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Upper-Class Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

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"Live & Learn with Purpose"

The Living-Learning Community (LLC) Program at UMass Lowell helps students live and learn with purpose by intentionally bridging the gap between the academic and co-curricular college experiences.

Explore the opportunities that are available to you!

The Benefits of Living in an upper-class Living-Learning Community (LLC)


We offer 18 unique Upper-Class Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) in which we provide students with 24 or more credits the chance to live in an engaged, like-minded community of students and fellow scholars.

Often the next step within an LLC experience, Upper-Class LLCs facilitate closer interaction with faculty and staff advisors who can be vital in helping students navigate their college experience and prepare for life after college. This post-graduate preparation is just one aspect that distinguishes the First-Year and Upper-Class LLCs.

We have designed our Living-Learning Communities to build upon one another, proving the “next step” along a student’s college journey.

Upper-Class LLCs provide...

  • more opportunities for students to remain connected with their peers.
  • enhanced relationships and connections with faculty and staff.
  • focus on career development.
  • real-world, tangible skills students will need to succeed in the fast-paced world of work that awaits them once they graduate.
  • scaffold upon what is being learned inside the classroom, and help students make sense of and apply what they’re learning outside of it.