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Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

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Producing leaders for the Air Force & the Army

Mixed LLC Experience

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Living-Learning Community is designed to support students who are involved in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. Due to a student-led initiative, this LLC was created to bring a residential component to those who are currently enrolled in the ROTC Army and Air Force programs at UMass Lowell. Students in the ROTC LLC are part of a unique community where they train with their peers and go through a rigorous training program, while also living together and experiencing all college has to offer, together. Students will have opportunities to participate in a supportive environment that helps to foster their success within their respective program, while also engaging in experiences that promote social interaction and experiential learning such as historical site visits, team-building activities, and networking with alumni. This LLC is open to all students who are either enrolled in ROTC or have an interest in the program. This LLC is sponsored by the Air Force ROTC - Detachment 345, and the Army ROTC at UMass Lowell.

Focus Areas:

  • As a result of living in the ROTC Living-Learning Community, students will have the opportunity to…
  • Explore the impact diverse cultures have on the U.S. Military. (DCA)
  • Describe the variety of military officer career fields available to ROTC Cadets. (IL)
  • Engage in the concepts of effective team building, followership, and leadership. (CTPS)


  • Major Todd Meyers | Recruiting Flight Commander, Operations Officer, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, AIR FORCE ROTC DETACHMENT 345
  • Captain Daniel Allen | Army ROTC
  • Captain Christopher Doyle | Operations Flight Commander, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

How to Sign Up

Applying to a Living-Learning Community is free and easy:

1. Visit the Online Housing Portal and click on the housing application form.

2. Select the Living-Learning Community you wish to apply for and answer a few short answer questions on the "Living-Learning Community Selection" page of the housing application.

3. Invitations to participate in the LLC will be extended via email to applicants based on application answers and availability.

4. If offered a spot in the Living-Learning Community, return to the housing application using the link sent in the invitation email to accept/decline your place in the community.

5. Select your room in the Living-Learning Community on LLC Room Selection Day.