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Leaders in Environmental Advocacy of the Future (L.E.A.F.)

Leaders in Environmental Advocacy for the Future LLC Graphic

Making the future a better place for us all

Mixed LLC Experience

The Leaders in Environmental Advocacy for the Future (L.E.A.F.) Living-Learning Community assists students in exploring the ways in which they can become an agent of environmental change, and make an impact on our campus, as well as within our local and global communities. With engaged faculty and staff advisors whom are experts in their fields, this LLC is a great fit for students who intend to declare a major or minor related to environment, clean energy, climate change, or sustainability.

The L.E.A.F. LLC is designed for any student who has a passion for sustainability, social justice, environmental activism, and for those whom want to create change within their community and the ever-changing planet we call home. This LLC is sponsored by the Francis College of Engineering, Kennedy College of Science and the Office of Sustainability.

Focus Areas:

  • As a result of living in the Leaders in Environmental Advocacy for the Future (L.E.A.F.) Living-Learning Community, students will have the opportunity to…
  • Explore careers within the realms of environmental science, clean energy, and sustainability. (IL)
  • Create positive change in the local community and environment. (SRE)
  • Understand the impact local, state, and regional actions have on the global environment. (DCA)

LLC Advisors

  • Professor Lori Weeden | Lecturer, Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Kennedy College of Sciences
  • Tyler Arrigo | Sustainability Program Coordinator, Office of Sustainability

How to Sign Up

Applying to a Living-Learning Community is free and easy:

1. Visit the Online Housing Portal and click on the housing application form.

2. Select the Living-Learning Community you wish to apply for and answer a few short answer questions on the "Living-Learning Community Selection" page of the housing application.

3. Invitations to participate in the LLC will be extended via email to applicants based on application answers and availability.

4. If offered a spot in the Living-Learning Community, return to the housing application using the link sent in the invitation email to accept/decline your place in the community.

5. Select your room in the Living-Learning Community on LLC Room Selection Day.