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Mixed Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

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"Live & Learn with Purpose"

The Living-Learning Community (LLC) Program at UMass Lowell helps students live and learn with purpose by intentionally bridging the gap between the academic and co-curricular college experiences.

Explore the opportunities that are available to you!


Expand your nest

Mixed LLCs are open to students regardless of their class year, creating a dynamic and robust learning experience rich with mentoring opportunities, tutoring and unconditional support from community members.

First-Year students benefit from living near Upper-Class students who have "been there" and who can relate to the the challenges that students transitioning into college life may encounter.

Similarly, Upper-Class students are looked to as role models, leaders and incredible resources who will grow through leading their peers and helping them find success and connect them with resources.

Below you will find details on the various types of LLCs we have, as well as a complete list of each Mixed LLC that we offer – click on a Mixed LLC to explore the community description, learning objectives and faculty/staff advisor contact information, along with information on how to sign-up!


  • First-Year LLCs: For new students joining the UMass Lowell Community for the first time (typically new students that have less than 24 credits would be considered a first-year student).
  • Upper-Class LLCs: For Transfer, Sophomore, Junior and Senior students (students who have earned, or transferred in, 25 or more credits).
  • Mixed LLCs: For all students – first-year through senior year. Check out the First-Year & Upper-Class pages to learn about the Mixed LLCs we offer.