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Women's Leadership LLC

"Feminism isn't about making women strong. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength."
- G.D. Anderson

Women's Leadership LLC Graphic

The Women’s Leadership LLC is intended to encourage and empower upper-class students who identify as women to foster and further hone their leadership skills. Through participation and engagement in this community, residents will have the opportunity to identify resources that will help them successfully network with experienced women leaders on and off campus and navigate the challenges at accompany their intersectional identities; including gender identity, sexual orientation, and gender expression to name a few.

With an energetic and motivated Faculty Advisor, along with women leaders from across campus, within the region and across the nation, the Women’s Leadership LLC gives residents the opportunity to gain knowledge and tools to combat potential challenges they may encounter as they transition to the workforce. This LLC is inclusive of and welcomes any student who identifies as a woman including cisgender women, transgender women, as well as students who are gender nonconforming or gender-fluid who do not identify in the binary.

Focus Areas:

As a result of living in the Women’s Leadership LLC, students will have the opportunity to…

    • Explore women in history who have made a significant impact within their field or society. (IL)
    • Engage in social issues impacting women. (SRE)
    • Combat challenges and enhance women’s empowerment. (CTPS)