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Five students pose for a picture in front of Southwick Hall.

Living-Learning Communities

The Benefits of Living in an upper-class Living-Learning Community


We offer 15 unique Upper-Class Living-Learning Communities in which we provide students with 24 or more credits the chance to live in an engaged, like-minded community of students and fellow scholars.

Often the next step within an LLC experience, Upper-Class LLCs facilitate close interaction with faculty and staff advisors who can be vital in helping students navigate their college experience and prepare for life after college. This post-graduate preparation is just one aspect that distinguishes the First-Year and Upper-Class LLCs. We have designed our Living-Learning Communities to build upon one another, proving the “next step” along a student’s college journey. With each pairing of First-Year and Upper-Class LLCs, the more opportunities we provide for students to remain connected with their peers, to build new relationships and connections with faculty and staff, and to help them focus on their career development while providing them with the real-world, tangible skills they will need to succeed in the fast-paced world of work that awaits them once they graduate. 

We offer programming within the residence halls that are intentionally created for each unique LLC, and sponsor off-campus trips to local businesses and places that complement their respective learning objectives. Some Upper-Class LLCs have 3rd and 4th year experiences that continue to build upon one another and create a unique community of students who are experiencing many similar challenges, opportunities and success stories.

Living on-campus can be a wonderful experience. The chance to live with fellow students whom are passionate and motivated by common interests provide limitless opportunities for leadership development, academic success and meaningful relationships to be formed that may otherwise have not been accessible to students had they not chosen to continue living in an LLC. 

LLCs scaffold upon what is being learned inside the classroom, and help students make sense of and apply what they’re learning outside of it. Upper-Class LLCs are close-knit communities that many of our students continue to call home. We hope that you too will find your home-away from home within one of our 15 Upper-Class LLCs!

Below you will find details on the various types of LLCs we have, as well as a complete list of each Upper-Class LLC that we offer – click on an LLC you want to know more about and you will be directed to that LLCs page where you can find the community description, learning objectives and faculty/staff advisor contact information, along with information on how to sign-up!


  • First-Year LLCs: For new students joining the UMass Lowell Community for the first time (typically new students that have less than 24 credits would be considered a first-year student).
  • Upper-Class LLCs: For Transfer, Sophomore, Junior and Senior students (students who have earned, or transferred in, 25 or more credits).
  • Mixed LLCs: For all students – first-year through senior year.

Living-Learning Community Staff

  • Associate Director for Living-Learning Communities: provides oversight for the entire LLC program, helping to create a vision for the future.
  • Coordinator of Living-Learning Communities: coordinates the signature events, major initiatives and provides support to the day-to-day LLC operations.
  • Resident Directors & Complex Directors: facilitate the day-to-day operations of their respective LLCs, along with supervising the Resident Advisors.
  • Resident Advisors: create programming initiatives and engaging events that meet the needs of their respective LLC.
  • Faculty/Staff Advisors: collaborate and partner with the Residence Life team to create a Living-Learning experience that will help students achieve success.