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Virtual Passport Program

Living-Learning Community Virtual Passport Program - User Guide

LLC VPP Graphic

The Virtual Passport Program is designed to engage every LLC student by providing an opportunity to interact with campus resources and programs that will enhance the college experience. By attending programs and events, and engaging with campus resources as outlined in this passport program, students will be awarded points that can be used to WIN GREAT PRIZES such as one of the top 10 picks in LLC Housing Lottery for 2019-2020!


  • Academic Success (2 Points) - Academic initiatives supported by the Colleges and Departments that support your LLC. Some examples include: Anatomy & Physiology Reviews, Tutoring services provided by the colleges, visiting LLC Advisors during their Office Hours, and so much more!
  • Building Connections (2 Points) - Your Resident Director, Area Coordinator or LLC Advisor - Each time you pop by their office and strike up a meaningful conversation, you get a point!
  • E2LO Programs (4 Points) - RA & Campus Sponsored E2LO Programs - Check out the E2LO Event Calendar to find events near you! More about the E2LO program.
  • Wellness - (1 Point) Forming an LLC Intramural Team, attending Group Fitness Classes or simply going to the gym as part of your daily routine!
  • Community Building (3 Points) - Supporting a UMass Lowell Athletic game, Adulting 101 Programs, Leadership in Motion, Community Service Projects, etc.


Three easy steps to collect your Passport Points!

  1. Download the LLC Virtual Passport App
  2. Show Up & Scan the QR Code
  3. Collect your Points & Enjoy the Event!


  • There may not be a QR Code at every event, but don’t panic! You can still collect Passport Points.
  • If there is not a QR Code: Take a selfie, “check-in” on Social Media, or simply bring some unique event swag to show that you attended the event to your Resident Director or Area Coordinator and they will give you access to the QR Code to collect your points!
  • Some events may require you to show evidence you were there, so be sure to utilize social media, or your selfie stick, share your participation and collect your Passport Points!

The Virtual Passport Program will conclude on Friday, March 8, 2019, and winners will be announced after Spring Break.

For more information and questions please email: or visit the Office of Residence Life at University Crossing 120.