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Living Allegro

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This community is focused on the development of students who share a passion for music (both academically and socially) to create an environment that is highly collaborative and expressive. While being a music major is not is not a requirement, this LLC is led with a Resident Advisor pursuing a music degree and supported by a Faculty Advisor from the Music Department who work to provide programming opportunities that highlight cultural immersion and academic success.

As a result of living in the Living Allegro Living-Learning Community, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Show professionalism in musical performance and practice.
  • Explore career opportunities within the music industry and organizations on-campus.
  • Analyze social issues within the music industry through developing cultural awareness and empathy.
  • Recognize diverse musical genres, including influential and emerging artists as well as significant contributions to musics of the past.
  • Develop meaningful relationships through networking opportunities with faculty, staff, alumni and peers that promote professional and academic success.
  • Utilize campus resources that may assist in accomplishing personal and academic goals (e.g., Internships, Finding a Mentor, Joining Professional Organizations, Tutoring, etc.).

LLC Advisor

Professor Timothy Crain | Assistant Professor, Music Department

How to Sign Up

Freshman Living-Learning Community sign up is a part of the Freshman Housing Contract.