Advocates of Tomorrow students socialize at a program on designing an inclusive residential community. Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students the opportunity to explore common interests with other students in their living environment. Through living and participating in an LLC, students will be provided with intentional and meaningful opportunities that will help them to make purposeful links between the academic and co-curricular components of their college experience.


Living-Learning Community Graphic

East Campus

S.T.E.M. House (Leitch Hall)

  • Pre-Med - First-Year & Upper-Class (NEW)
  • Women in Science & Engineering (W.I.S.E.) - First-Year & Upper-Class
  • Developing Leaders in Engineering (D.L.E.) - First-Year & Upper-Class

Innovation House (Donahue Hall)

  • <.ICS>: Innovation in Computer Science - First-Year LLC & Upper-Class LLCs (NEW)
  • Leaders in Environmental Advocacy of the Future (L.E.A.F) - Mixed LLC (Open to all Class Years)
  • Business Innovation - First-Year & Upper-Class LLCs

Inclusion & World Cultures House (Bourgeois Hall)

  • Advocates of Tomorrow - Mixed LLC (Open to all Class Years)
  • World Passport - Mixed LLC (Open to all Class Years)
  • Women's Leadership - Upper-Class LLCs (NEW)

Commonwealth Honors House (USuites)

  • 1st Year LLC
  • 2nd Year LLC
  • 3rd/4th Year LLC (NEW)

Greek Village (River Hawk Village Townhouses)

  • Greek Life Themed Living-Learning Community - Upper-Class

South Campus

Arts & Education House (Sheehy Hall)

  • Media Makers - Mixed LLC (Open to all Class Years)
  • Creative Arts (Formerly Creative Artists) - First-Year & Upper-Class LLCs
  • Living Allegro - First-Year & Upper-Class LLCs
  • iTeach - Mixed LLC (Open to all Class Years)

Health & Social Sciences House (Riverview Suites)

  • Health Education Academic Living & Learning (H.E.A.L.L.)
    • 1st Year LLC
    • 2nd Year LLC
    • 3rd Year LLC
    • 4th Year LLC (NEW)
  • Hall of Justice - First-Year & Upper-Class LLCs
  • Politikos: Politics & Public Service - First-Year & Upper-Class LLCs (NEW)
  • MasterMinds - First-Year LLC


  • ROTC - Mixed LLC at River Hawk Village - (Open to all Class Years)
  • Explore - First-Year LLC at Fox Hall
  • Transfer Year Experience (TYE) - Upper-Class LLC at the Inn & Conference Center
  • Rec-It: Fitness & Wellness - Upper-Class LLC at River Hawk Village

More Information

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