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Pathways LLC

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Exclusive to Middlesex Community College (MCC) students accepted into the Reserved Placement Program (RPP), the Pathways Living-Learning Community has been designed to support the seamless transition into the UMass Lowell community. Pathways LLC students will live amongst a community of engaged thinkers and hard workers who bring a diverse collection of life experiences and intellectual strengths to the university community.

Explore various majors of study and career options at UMass Lowell, as well as the academic support resources that will help students find success; the Pathways LLC focuses on providing students with intentional community-building activities, further allowing them to explore different areas of study while maintaining a lifestyle focused on their holistic well-being.

This LLC experience will provide students opportunities to build and develop practical and tangible academic and social skills that will aid them in their transition from MCC to UMass Lowell, while also being able to explore different disciplines and areas of study that they are passionate about. Pathways LLC students will have the opportunity to live with their peers and have access to faculty and staff members who will aid in their transition into the UMass Lowell community.

Members of the LLC will also participate in a fall semester seminar focusing on college transitions. This seminar is offered directly in the residence hall.

As a result of living in the Pathways Living-Learning Community, students will have the opportunity to…

  • Develop academic, personal and career goals that are achievable.
  • Identify connections within the City of Lowell, Middlesex Community College and UMass Lowell that will further develop them as engaged UMass Lowell community members.
  • Utilize campus resources that may assist in accomplishing personal and academic goals.


  • Todd Borchers and
  • Afua Serwa Addae-Adoo

How to Sign Up

Applying to a Living-Learning Community is free and easy:

1. Visit the Online Housing Portal and click on the housing application form.

2. Select the Living-Learning Community you wish to apply for and answer a few short answer questions on the "Living-Learning Community Selection" page of the housing application.

3. Invitations to participate in the LLC will be extended via email to applicants based on application answers and availability.

4. If offered a spot in the Living-Learning Community, return to the housing application using the link sent in the invitation email to accept/decline your place in the community.

5. Select your room in the Living-Learning Community on LLC Room Selection Day.