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Deliberate, Debate & Engage

Greek for "The Statesman," the Politikos Living-Learning Community empowers students to deliberate, debate and engage in the politics of our society. Discussing politics can be a hot button topic, and this LLC dives right into the discussion. Students have the opportunity to learn about American and international politics while working with a Faculty Advisor from the Political Science department. Topics range from elections to lobbying to international relations and so much more. Students will have the opportunity to interact with political leaders and learn how to get involved in the government after college. This LLC is sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

As a result of living in the Politikos Living-Learning Community, students will have the opportunity to…

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, alumni and peers that promote professional and academic success.
  • Utilize campus resources that assist in accomplishing personal and academic goals (e.g., Internships, Finding a Mentor, Joining Student Clubs & Professional Organizations, Tutoring, Public Speaking, etc.).
  • Explore political and public service careers (e.g., Running for Elective office; Campaign Management; Government Agencies; Law Enforcement; Legal Careers; Social Movements Advocacy, etc.).
  • Develop personal and professional skills, including knowledge of current political issues & debates; political rhetoric & messaging; intellectual diversity & ideology; developing tolerance towards diverse points of views, and respectful deliberation.
  • Develop public speaking skills that promote the respectful debate of current political policies and social issues.
  • Deliberate, Debate and Engage in the politics of our society.


Professor Morgan Marietta | Assistant Professor, Political Science, College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

How to Sign Up

Applying to a Living-Learning Community is free and easy:

1. Visit the Online Housing Portal and click on the housing application form.

2. Select the Living-Learning Community you wish to apply for and answer a few short answer questions on the "Living-Learning Community Selection" page of the housing application.

3. Invitations to participate in the LLC will be extended via email to applicants based on application answers and availability.

4. If offered a spot in the Living-Learning Community, return to the housing application using the link sent in the invitation email to accept/decline your place in the community.

5. Select your room in the Living-Learning Community on LLC Room Selection Day.