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Creative Artists

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This community is focused on the development of students that are involved in and have a passion for the arts. Students living on this floor will have the opportunity to participate in programming that focuses on creative expression through traditional art and theater as well as field trips to esteemed cultural venues like the Museum of Fine Arts. This LLC is open to all majors and includes a faculty adviser from the Art & Design Department who serves as a liaison in exploring this versatile topic area and connecting to your creative side.

As a result of living in the Creative Artists Living-Learning Community, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Analyze social issues within the Fine Arts community.
  • Explore diverse expressions of art, including the recognition of influential and emerging artists.
  • Identify areas in need of balance and stress reduction that will sustain overall well being within the following areas: Physical, Financial, Social, Community & Career Wellbeing.
  • Develop meaningful relationships through networking opportunities with faculty, staff, alumni and peers that promote professional and academic success.
  • Utilize campus resources that may assist in accomplishing personal and academic goals (e.g., Internships, Finding a Mentor, Joining Student Clubs/Organizations, Tutoring, etc.)
  • Explore Fine Arts Major/Minor offerings and requirements within the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (e.g., Animation, Graphic Design, Studio Art, etc…).


Professor Michael Roundy | Visiting Lecturer, Art & Design, College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

How to Sign Up

Freshman Living-Learning Community sign up is a part of the Freshman Housing Contract.