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UMass Lowell will resume on-campus instruction, research and campus life for Fall 2020. View the plan for more info.

Housing FAQ

Can I have a single room as a freshman or a new student?

We have a very limited number of single rooms, which are given to students on the basis of seniority. This means that, for the most part, graduate students and seniors will occupy our single rooms. Any single room requests for health reasons must be made via the alternative housing assignment for health needs process.

Is full payment due at the beginning of the semester?

Student Financial Services set the deadline for when payment of the University bill is due. For specific deadlines, call Student Financial Services at 978-934-3570. There is also an interest free payment plan available which allows you to pay tuition, fees, room and board in monthly installments. More information is available at Academic Management Services Plan or by calling 800-635-0120.

If you're concerned that you won't be allowed to check into the residence halls, don't worry. We won't remove you for non-payment, nor will we keep you from checking in.

How do I sign up for housing?

To apply for housing or participate in the Room Selection process for the coming academic year, you must fill out complete your housing application on the Online Housing Portal. Your application and signed contract must be submitted in order to be eligible for housing. Within this application students will also be able to apply for Living-Learning Communities.

What comes with the room? What do I need to bring?

Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, chair, bureau, and closet/wardrobe for each student in the room. Many rooms also have a bookshelf and lounge chair. Suite style rooms also have couches, study tables and chairs, and semi-private bathrooms. Students should bring to school personal belongings that meet their needs. See our list of items you will likely want/need living on campus.

What does coed mean?

By the term "coed," we mean that men and women will be living in the same building. All of our buildings are coed and most floors (with the exception of some floors in Fox) are coed. Bathrooms and bedrooms remain single sex unless students participate in the Gender Inclusive Housing process. This allows students of any gender identity to share a suite or apartment space.

What if I'm waiting for financial aid?

Your financial aid award will be applied to your outstanding bill when it arrives on campus. If you are owed a refund, the Business Office will a distribute a check to you. If you have more questions, call 978-934-4220 or visit the Office of Financial Aid, part of the Solution Center.

When will I find out where I'm going to live, and with whom?

All students who complete their application on time are eligible for roommate matching and room self-selection. This means that you will pick your own roommates and room assignment! Any student that doesn't participate in this process or submits a late application may be assigned by the housing team pending availability. All room assignments are available to view on the housing portal at any time and will also be emailed to you in early August. At that time you will receive your room assignment, as well as move-in date/time, opening activities and last-minute reminders.

Should I get Property Insurance?

All students should verify that they have personal property insurance coverage. Typically, a homeowners or renters policy will cover college students when away from home. Check with your provider as you may need additional riders to cover computers or other special equipment not in the primary homeowner's dwelling. Students may also sign up for renters insurance within their housing application which is provided by GradGuard.

How many people can live in a suite?

For the Fall 2020 semester, suites in Sheehy, University Suites, Riverview Suites and Donahue Suites will not have reduced occupancy. River Hawk Village occupancy is only altered by removing one person from a triple room. So student groups that consist of 2-8 people are going to be able to find spaces in suites together.

If I don’t live on campus in fall, what does that look like for spring?

Students who defer to spring will be offered a spot in an open bed on campus for Spring. Students in housing that have an empty bed in their room will be offered an opportunity to pull someone into that space for the Spring Semester. After that has happened – any student with a spring application on file will then be offered a space on campus. If we are able to pair requested roommates we will do that too (if there is an open double, we can get two people who both deferred to spring in a room together if they want).

If I live within 20 miles of campus can I live on campus?

Possibly, yes. Currently we are ascertaining who wants to live on campus. Students who applied by July 1 were sent an email asking them to declare their intent. They need to respond with one of three answers (Yes, I want to live on campus; No, I’m going to cancel my request to live on campus; or Not for Fall, but I’ll defer to spring).  Anyone who does not respond by July 15 that they intend on living on campus will not be allowed to go through room selection. If after July 15, we have more respondents than beds on campus, we will prioritize the list by date of application and distance to campus.

Who can and cannot live on campus?

Any matriculated student is encouraged to live on campus. There is not a full-time student requirement. Students can live on campus whether their classes are online or in-person. 

When do I need to sign up for housing?


Please review the room selection information for more information about the room selection process. You will not qualify for the room selection process if you do not have a completed application and signed contract by the deadline.


New students must complete their housing contract and deposit information by May 5, your University enrollment deposit must be paid by May 1.

Freshmen/Transfer students are guaranteed housing if your application and signed contract are received before May 5 and your University enrollment deposit is paid by May 1.