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Room Condition and Emergency Contact Report - Traditional and Suite Style Halls

Traditional and Suite Style Halls

Welcome to the UMass Lowell Residential Community. This easy online form is how you: 

- Check into your room 

- Verify the condition of your furniture

- Submit emergency contact information  

Please note that existing damage or missing furniture not reported through this form when you arrive may result in charges when you move out. All students living in campus housing are required to fill out this form within 24 hours of moving into a new space.

Contact Information

Damage Report
If you have damage to report, please document the current condition of each item as listed below
If Applicable (Donahue, Sheehy)
Emergency Contact Information
Below are standard questions to identify who your contact would be in case of an emergency.
In the case of an emergency, do you have a place to go that is off campus?
Check into your room!
Please contact your hall staff should you have any questions. you can also contact the office of residence life at, or 978-934-5160.