I have gone to the Career & Co-op Center for resume help several times. I have had scheduled advising appointments with a career counselor and have also attended Drop-In Hours. They assisted me in creating two versions of my resume, one for jobs and the other for scholarships. With the resume, I was able to apply and receive three different jobs: Physical Therapy aide, Orientation Leader, and Let’s Get Ready Coach.

I feel more confident because the staff of the Career & Co-op Center took a look at what I was involved in and gave me positive feedback. Many times, friends and family would say encouraging things and I’d appreciate the support, but I figured it was because they care about me. However, when a stranger tells you that you’re doing a great job it’s unbiased. This reassurance definitely boosted my self-confidence. Since I had already planned to pursue certain avenues, the services more or less boosted me forward. After graduation, I would like to pursue my Master of Science degree and become a Nurse Practitioner.


Take advantage of all events as soon as you can... everything they have to offer is preparation for ‘adulting’.