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ProPath is the Career & Co-op Center's career development model for undergraduates. ProPath encourages students to participate in individual career-focused activities as well as workshops to gain the knowledge and skills to obtain experiential opportunities as early as possible in their academic careers. We know that students who obtain relevant work experience and connect with employers while in school often find themselves better prepared and more competitive upon graduation.

One of ProPath's goals is to help bridge academic and career development, while improving the career and graduate outcomes instrumental to the strategic plans of academic departments. To assist this process, we've gathered a series of career-related assignments that are "ready to go" or can be modified to meet specific needs.

Don't Cancel Class Program

UMass Lowell’s Career & Co-op Center understands that your missing a class may sometimes be unavoidable. When those situations arise, our Don’t Cancel Class program provides a way for your class to meet as usual, but with one of our career professionals who will deliver a career-related presentation.

We strongly recommend attaching a for-credit assignment to our visit to your class. Some suggestions:

  • require attendance,
  • have students write a thank-you letter to presenter (via faculty) about what they learned,
  • require students to log into our online recruiting system and complete their profile,
  • require students to post a professional profile on,
  • require students to attend one of our career events.

Learn more about our presentation options.

Please allow us as much time as possible to schedule a presentation; we receive many requests and do our best to accommodate as many as we can. To arrange a presentation for your class, please call or e-mail the Career & Co-op Center at 978-934-2355 or

As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), UMass Lowell's Career Services & Cooperative Education Center adheres to NACE's ethical standards in recruiting and holds recruiting employers to ethical standards, as well. These guidelines for faculty outline ethical standards for faculty involvement in recruitment of college students.

Information about Majors and Career Paths

Need some ideas to assist students in exploring how their curriculum relates to careers? Our online Exploring Majors and Careers resource can help.


We encourage faculty members to bring their classes to the Career & Co-op Center for a tour so we can introduce your students to our library and resources. To arrange a class tour, please contact our office at 978-934-2355.

Employer Speakers

The Career & Co-op Center can offer assistance if you would like to find an employer to speak to a class. Let us know if we can help you make the connection.

Faculty/Employer Connections

Many faculty work with employers during the course of the year. If you are a faculty member who knows of an employer who might be interested in employing UMass Lowell students, please contact the Career & Co-op Center at 978-934-2355 to provide us with contact information.

Presentations to Faculty

The Career & Co-op Center welcomes the opportunity to speak in faculty meetings about our services. To arrange a meeting time, please contact our office.