Turn to UMass Lowell for your intern, co-op and early career hires.

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Job Postings

UMass Lowell is a part of the Handshake network providing employers with the ability to post internships, co-ops and full-time jobs.

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UMass Lowell (UML) can support an employer’s early career recruiting efforts and on-campus employment brand.

Our range of academic disciplines (arts and humanities, business, health sciences, social sciences, and STEM) and degree options helps employers fill nearly every job function in their organization.


Employers can recruit students for internships across every major and degree at UMass Lowell. Internships can be full or part-time.

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

Co-op is an academic option within three colleges – business, engineering, and sciences. Students accepted into the co-op program complete at least one full-time six-month co-op or multiple full-time summer internships. All co-ops must be paid positions.

Learn more about UML's co-op program

Full-time Employment (Early Career Hiring)

Each year UMass Lowell graduates nearly 4,000 students, who are ready to apply their education in the workplace.

Career Fairs

UMass Lowell hosts five career fairs each year. Our Fall and Spring Career Fairs each typically attract 1,500 students. Our specialty fairs (Accounting and Finance Fair, Co-op Connections, and Non-Profit and Government Fair) each typically attract 200 students.

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Information Sessions & Recruiting Tables

Having an on-campus presence greatly increases student awareness of employer’s job opportunities and brand. Through information sessions or recruiting tables, employers can market themselves to students in a very personal and authentic way.

Interview Days

Let UMass Lowell streamline the interview process by hosting on-campus interview days. On-campus interviews are an effective and efficient way to see all your UMass Lowell candidates in one day. Employers can make decisions quicker than spreading interviews out over multiple days at their location. On-campus interviews also makes it easier for students to schedule an interview without needing to worry about commuting to the job location.

Peak interview periods are the two weeks following a career fair. Interview days during peak interview period require payment of $50 per interview room. Interview days outside of peak periods at available at no charge.

Recruiting Enhancements

Employers are encouraged to participate in our educational career events. Serving as a panelist, speaking with student groups, and facilitating a workshop are all exceptional ways to extend your employment brand and help students prepare for the workplace.

Getting Started

To discuss best practices for recruiting UMass Lowell students, contact Jim McGonigle, Assistant Director, Employer Relations, email: James_McGonigle@uml.edu, phone: 978-934-2742.