Welcome to the UMass Lowell Neighborhood Food Project!

We are excited to work with you to collect food and other goods for our food and resource insecure students. Did you know that 35 percent of college students report having been food insecure during their college experience? That some of our students have to choose between food and textbooks? That there are over 58,000 self-identified homeless college students in the U.S.?

The numbers are staggering, and are growing.


Donations will go to our UMass Lowell Navigators Food Pantry located in University Crossing, Room 104 (near the Solution Center). Designated areas on campus (see below) will be available to drop-off donations.

Join the Movement

In the 2018-2019 academic year, our monthly food drive collected over 6,500 pounds of donations across campus! Thank you!

You can help by participating in the UMass Lowell Neighborhood Food Project! This is a revolutionary way to collect food! It’s a donor drive and getting involved couldn’t be any easier. We have adopted a system that makes it easy for people to donate nonperishable food items or other needed goods.

Drop off LocationsRoom
45 Lawrence DriveAdvancement Suite
WannalancitSuite 212
University CrossingSuite 190
University CrossingSuite 200
Cumnock Hall1st floor lobby
WannalancitSuite 415
Olney HallRoom 524
Lydon Library1st floor lobby
O'Leary Library1st floor lobby
Health & Social Sciences BuildingRoom 301
Mahoney Hall1st floor lobby
SouthwickRoom 254
Campus RecreationCampus Recreation Lobby

Donate online:

Online Donation to UMass Lowell Food & Resource Pantry

All donations made will go directly to the Food Pantry.


If you have questions please email: Student_Affairs@uml.edu.