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Public Transit

MBTA Updates


Boston and points between Lowell and Boston

  • The MBTA Commuter Rail offers regular service from Lowell’s Gallagher Terminal to Boston’s North Station and numerous points in-between. Visit the MBTA's website for additional information.
  • If you need a ride to or from Gallagher Terminal when the LRTA is not operating, you may call 978-934-2222 for the River Hawk Roadster for on-call service. The River Hawk Roadster does not serve Gallagher Terminal during LRTA operating hours.


UMass Lowell students and employees are able to use the LRTA and line 01/41 on the MVRTA at no cost, by scanning the UMass Lowell UCARD.

Note: If you're looking for information about our on-campus shuttle system, the River Hawk Roadster, follow the links to the Shuttle services in the navigation bar on the left. The information below is about the public transit agencies in the area which are not affiliated with the university.

  • There is one central transit terminal in Lowell for the LRTA, MBTA, and MVRTA. The bus side of the terminal is called Kennedy Center, while the train side of the terminal is called Gallagher Terminal. There is a parking garage on site which has sheltered bicycle racks. All of the bus systems listed below arrive and depart at Kennedy Center. You can see the location of the transit terminal on this Google Map.
  • All three public transit agencies are integrated with Google Maps. There you can get detailed directions and maps based on either desired departure or arrival time.
  • The LRTA and the MVRTA have partnered with UMass Lowell, and you can now use your UCARD to access the LRTA and MVRTA line 01/41 at no charge*. To ride the MBTA subway and other lines on the MVRTA you can get an unloaded CharlieCard for free at the Kennedy Center Terminal. The CharlieCard stores value which can be used to pay by the ride on the MVRTA, and MBTA subways and buses in Boston (but not the commuter rail, see below).


To be eligible to use the LRTA and MVRTA with your UCard, you must meet one of the following criteria by being:

  • a current employee (student employees who are not currently registered or living in housing during winter and summer intersessions should email: ; for access)
  • registered for classes in the current term, or
  • a student currently living in on-campus housing.

In addition, we have partnered with the LRTA and they created line (line 20) that will service the ICC weekdays. From 7 to 11 a.m. LRTA buses will run between the ICC, University Crossing, North Campus and Downtown Lowell. After 11 a.m. the transportation services will resume service with the regular UMass Lowell shuttles.

Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA)

To the train station and getting around Lowell

  • You can flag down a bus or be dropped off anywhere along the route where it is safe to do so – just ask the driver to stop, or wave when you see the bus coming.
  • The LRTA bus system provides service at each of the UMass Lowell campuses by routes 6, 7, and 9, as well as service to numerous other locations throughout the greater Lowell area, including Burlington Mall (Route 14), Drum Hill Shopping Plaza (Route 5), Stadium Plaza Shopping Center (Route 12), Brunswick Zone Bowling (Route 7), and Showcase Cinemas Lowell (Route 16).
  • Full schedules and routes are available on the LRTA's website. A timetable is also available for download to help you to coordinate LRTA routes and the commuter rail.

Merrimack Valley Transportation Authority (MVRTA)

Lawrence, Methuen, and points east

  • The MVRTA Bus System provides service from Lowell’s Kennedy Bus Terminal to downtown Lawrence via Route 41, which connects at Kennedy Center. The bus departs Lawrence from the Buckley Transportation Center (which can be found on this Google map) and from Merrimack Plaza in Methuen.
  • When traveling to Lowell, you can get off the bus before it reaches Kennedy Center, at a designated stop at Middlesex Street, walk a couple of blocks to the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center, and then take a River Hawk Roadster shuttle to your destination. When leaving Lowell, you must board the Route 41 bus at Kennedy Center, as it does not stop anywhere in Lowell on its way to Lawrence.
    You can reach Kennedy Center on the LRTA - see above.
  • You can flag down a bus or be dropped off outside of Lowell,anywhere along the route where it is safe to do so, just like the LRTA, except in designated "no-stop" zones, which are shown on the Route 41 Official Route Map (pdf).
    • Note that all of Lowell is a designated "no-stop" zone, so you should only plan on taking advantage of flag-down service on portions of the bus route east of Lowell.
  • Visit the MVRTA website for schedules and information.

Taxi, Livery, and Shuttle Service

There are numerous taxi services operating in Lowell which can be taken to the transit terminal, campus, and many other destinations.