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When you share the ride with a friend, you'll have more time to converse, study, or even get some extra sleep. In addition, you'll be saving money, parking closer to campus than anyone else, and doing something good for the environment. See more details below.

How does it work?

  • Park in carpool-permit only spaces on campus - the Riverside Lot on North Campus and the Upper Mahoney lot on South Campus.
  • Split the cost of your permit with your whole carpool.
  • Each carpool member will get up to 16 temporary passes per semester, allowing them to drive alone when needed.
  • Attend a carpool meet-and-greet on campus. Like our Facebook page to see the latest information about upcoming events.

Get Started

  • Sign up for free ride matching and free rewards at
  • Fill out a Carpool Group Form, available at the UCAPS Website.
  • Each member of the carpool brings the completed form and vehicle registration, and UMass ID, to the UCAPS Office
  • Carpool tag will be issued upon receipt of payment and documents listed above.