Students getting on a UMass Lowell River Hawk Roadster bus.

Bicycling for Everyone Registration

UMass Lowell Smart Trips and Campus Recreation are partnering to offer "Bicycling for Everyone," a workshop where we will be teaching people of all skills, abilities, and ages how to ride bikes in a way that is fun, smart, and safe. These sessions have been scheduled so that you can participate in at least one before Bike to School Day on October 9th.

We will meet at the Campus Recreation Center on East Campus and transport you and your bicycle to the Bruce Freeman Trailhead in Lowell. We will begin at the head of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and conduct the entire session away from city roads.

Please answer a few questions so we know what to expect, and we'll send you an email a few days before the event to help you prepare. If you need to borrow a bicycle, please indicate so on the form below. Email if you have any questions.

  • October 7th, Monday, 3-6pm
  • October 22nd, Tuesday, 3-6pm

Some of the topics we'll be covering are:
  • Starting and stopping smoothly.
  • Being considerate of other road users, starting with those who you are riding with.
  • Remaining relaxed and in control of your bike no matter what you encounter on the road.
  • Awareness of road and trail conditions
  • Riding efficiently, so you can get where you are going with either minimal effort or maximum speed, depending on what you want.
  • How to be nice to other people on the road – even cranky drivers!
Which parts of Bicycling for Everyone do you want to participate in?
Which Date Do You Want To Attend? Feel free to attend both sessions if you like
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