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Student Conduct Details

Student Conduct

It is in the best interest of the University and members of the University community for the University to function in regard to disciplinary matters as a self-contained community in an orderly environment. Assurance that fair sanctions will be promptly imposed on those found responsible for misconduct will help the University preserve order. The University Student Discipline Process is designed to help the University exercise proper control over its own disciplinary affairs while acknowledging the rights and competence of the civil authorities in such matters. Procedures have been established which are reasonably calculated to facilitate a reliable determination of the issues and to afford any student(s) accused or a student who files a complaint of certain basic procedural rights, as specified below.

It is the intent of this Student Conduct Code to set forth in a clear, concise manner the expectations and duties of all members of the University community and to set forth administrative and disciplinary procedures whereby those students who are accused of violating the rules may be afforded a hearing and, if appropriate, a fair and just sanction.

Interim Measures:

  1. The University shall retain the right to impose an interim suspension if such action is necessary because of a threat of imminent harm to the University community or property. The determination to impose an interim suspension shall be made by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and/or their designee. Interim Suspension is defined as: A temporary separation from the University until the conduct process can be completed. During this period of time a student is not permitted on any University property (owned/leased/operated by) without permission from the Dean of Students Office or their designee. Additionally, the only business a student under interim suspension is allowed to conduct with the University is to participate in the conduct process (see section VI).
  2. Other interim measures may be used to protect the well-being of the University community or property. These interim measures are used during a pending conduct process and maybe extended after the conclusion of the conduct process. These interim measures may be delivered verbally and/or in writing. Any interim measures provided verbally will be followed up in writing no later than 72 hours. Examples of interim measures include but are not limited to:
    • No Contact Order: A student is restricted from contacting another student(s).
    • Interim Housing Removal: A student is barred from University Housing (owned/operated/leased) pending the outcome of student conduct process. This housing removal may be made permanent by the sanction or lifted after the process has been completed.
    • Interim Housing Relocation: A student’s housing assignment is changed.
    • Campus Restriction: A student is restricted from specific locations on campus.
    • Academic arrangements: Modifications may be made to a student's academic schedule, classroom assignment, in class logistics, etc. in order to limit contact with another student and/or university community member.