The Division of Student Affairs offers these scholarships for current students. Deadlines and criteria vary by scholarships. Find out if you're qualified and apply via our Scholarship Portal.

Don Gagnon Memorial Endowed Scholarship    

Scholarship is split between three students: a freshman, sophomore and a junior.
Provides a scholarship to one sophomore, one junior and one senior for the upcoming academic year who has demonstrated leadership in Student Activities. Preference to students actively involved with Student Government.

Dunbar and Briguglio Family Endowed Scholarship  

Provides scholarships for full-time undergraduate students in their freshman, sophomore or junior year who have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Awarded to student leaders who have demonstrated leadership and have made a significant impact in an area or areas at the University which include but are not limited to Student Life, Community Involvement, Inclusion and Alumni Relations. This scholarship was established by Adam Dunbar.

Jill '94 and Christopher '94 Felton Endowed Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships to students who have contributed positively to the community through involvement in student life with an emphasis on community service. This scholarship was established by Jill Felton and Christopher Felton.

Mary M. Connelly Endowment Fund                  

Provides scholarship support to sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students who will be returning to the University for at least one more semester of study. Students must hold either a volunteer or paid leadership position at the University and demonstrate how they have exceeded expectations in their position and mentored and inspired other students to be future leaders and active members of the University Community. This scholarship was established in honor of Mary M. Connelly.

Laurence R. Siegel Endowed Scholarship Fund                                

Provides scholarships to sophomore, junior and senior students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Senior students must be returning to UML for a master’s degree. Students must demonstrate leadership in the areas of residence life, student government, or student clubs and organizations with innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and service to their fellow students.

Education Under a Tree                

Provides scholarships to international students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree who have a GPA of 3.25 or higher and demonstrate leadership within the student community. This scholarship was established by Kunal Sampat.

Greek Life Endowed Scholarship Fund                          

Provides scholarships to students who participate in Greek Life who have financial need and a GPA of 2.5 or higher. The Scholarship will be evenly divided between a fraternity and a sorority member each year. This scholarship was established by the Greek Alumni Council.

Ellen C. and Neil E. Duggan Endowment Fund

Provides scholarships to students who have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. First preference to a student with cognitive or physical challenges. Second preference to a student with a special/emergency need. This scholarship was established by Ellen Duggan and Neil Duggan.

Moloney Family Endowed Scholarship Fund - Women Leadership

Provides a scholarship to a full-time student who has demonstrated involvement in women's issues and/or leadership within the University and/or community. This scholarship was established by Jacqueline Moloney and Edward Moloney.

The Sports Club Endowment Fund                 

This scholarship recognizes students who have served in a leadership role within a club sport and contributed in a positive manner to the success of their team or teams. The recipient must be a returning undergraduate student who has served in a leadership role for at least one full academic year.

Matt Drouin Scholarship  

The initiation of, and participation in, activities which encourage a free and open exchange of ideas and respect for personal and cultural difference are essential for a successful application. The Drouin Scholarship is named for a student who was a very dynamic leader during his time on campus serving as a member of Student Government Association, the International Relations Club, Senior Class president, Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities recipient, Chancellor’s Award medal winner and two-time winner of our Student Leader of the Year award. The scholarship recognizes someone who follows Matt’s example and is willing to take on challenging subjects; someone who, by their actions, encourages our students and community members to examine themselves and their beliefs, in hopes of building a better community.
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