Student Activities & Leadership

Senior Class

Welcome To your Senior Year!

The Senior Class Officers of 2014 have been elected by the Senior Class to help build the Call of 2014 identity, plan traditional events for graduating seniors, and communicate important updates about Commencement.

Past events have included:

General Senior Information:

  • Senior Portraits 
    In order have your senior portrait in the Yearbook, please make an appointment through Our Year. Appointments are made at 1-800-OUR-YEAR or online. The University's school code is 278. The sitting fee is $5.00, and we ask that you dress nicely. No other photographs will be accepted for senior portraits. For those who don't take a senior portrait, please contact the Office of Student Activities & Leadership. More information regarding dates and locations for senior portraits will be available soon. 
  • Cap & Gown Countdown

    Pick up all your essential items for graduation including tickets, cords, and stoles at the annual Cap & Gown Ceremony. More information regarding dates and locations will be available soon.

Graduate School Information:

Work Force Information:

Career Services - Contact: 978-934-235

Students are highly encouraged to visit the Career Services & Cooperative Education Center as early as possible during the school year and to attend department-sponsored events around campus. This department is full of resources for students to reach their occupational goals.

Some of these services include assistance in finding a career interest, resume building, and teaching students how to prepare themselves for the job market! Visit Career Services!

Wage Project and Paycheck City. These sites help get at the issues you raised about salary expectations and needs.