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What is it?

The STRIVE Program is a personal leadership development program that develops group work with individual learning. Participants will have the opportunity to take the time-tested Student Leadership Practices Inventory (SLI) and discover their own best leadership behaviors. Students will be able to work with a personally assigned coach to see how these behaviors impact their everyday lives as students and leaders, and utilize social media to continue learning at their own pace.


The purpose of the STRIVE Program:

  • To assist our current student leaders with a more personalized understanding of their own leadership behaviors
  • To improve the effectiveness of our current student leaders
  • To enhance the level of satisfaction for both student leaders and club members
  • To assist in the personal development of our students
  • To teach skills and share insights that will be useful to participants, both on campus and in their professional careers
  • To increase the participants' understanding of the resources and opportunities available on campus to assist with their success
  • To expose students to divergent approaches to problem solving
  • To increase students' awareness and appreciation of diversity


To complete the STRIVE Program, students must: 

  • Attend the Orientation Session & five Workshops
  • Meet with leadership coach three times 
  • Complete biweekly STRIVE updates
  • Respond to weekly questions posted online
  • Participate in at least one tweet-up discussion
  • Attend at least one Speaker Event 
  • Attend at least one Inclusion Event 
  • Creative project - pulling together major takeaways

Learning Outcomes

Student participants in this program will be able to:

  • Identify and access leadership resources and opportunities at UMass Lowell
  • Identify both their strongest and weakest leadership behaviors and articulate and implement strategies to compensate for areas of weakness
  • Describe 2 ways these behaviors impact personal leadership effectiveness in a group
  • Discuss the various leadership behaviors reflected by members in a group and identify at least 1 strategy to more effectively work with all members

Program Benefits

Students will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Individual coaching for participants with opportunity to serve as a junior coach
  • Identification of strongest leadership behaviors based on decades of research
  • Learn more about personal leadership behaviors and how to be a more effective leader
  • Development of a personal plan for effectiveness
  • Leadership certificate to acknowledge completion of the program
  • Opportunity to develop resume credentials
  • Resume and cover letter review as necessary
  • Award nomination 
  • Build network for future reference letter requests
  • Special acknowledgement at annual Leadership Awards banquet
  • Consideration for attendance at future leadership conferences