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Greek Life

Greek Life at UMass Lowell is made up of four sororities and six fraternities. These organizations make up about 300 undergraduate students across all majors and years.

Students find their way to Greek Life in many different ways, some of which include attending Greek Week Events, Up Till Dawn fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, or attending an event put on by a specific organization. Additionally, many of our over 300 fraternity and sorority members are leaders not just in their organization but across campus. Connecting through other clubs, organizations, intramural sports and clubs sports also lets you see first hand what you might have in common with members of Greek Life.

Philanthropy is a large part of the Greek Community at UMass Lowell and organizations will work all year to provide derive to their community, causes that effect their organizations and vents that raise awareness and money nationally or locally.

Many members of Greek Life are driven, influential, intelligent leaders, role models, students, friends, River

Hawks, Brothers and Sisters. Read below to explore our organizations!

Omicron Pi (ΟΠ)

In 1902, when Lowell Textile School was just seven years old, seven men met and formed the first fraternity to be established at the Tech, Omicron Pi. Choosing to remain independent, ΟΠ was founded with the intention of promoting brotherhood and forming a society of men having common interests and ideals. Our motto “Unity in Progress” speaks volumes about what our fraternity stands for. We are dedicated to standing together and always moving forward, not just as an organization, but bettering ourselves as human beings. Each member is expected to hold himself and his fellow brothers to a high moral standard. We are committed to having a positive impact on the community and aspire to be upstanding members of said community. For more information visit the: Omicron Pi (ΟΠ) website.

Sigma Phi Omicron (ΣΦΟ)

Every Fraternity considers themselves brothers, but Sigma Phi Omicron is a family forever. It cements these bonds from the start though group living situations and day-to-day activities. Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment which encourages healthy alumni-undergraduate relationships to maintain a strong social and professional network that has been developing since 1964. Our fraternity actively contributes to the personal growth and development of its members. Leadership positions prepare members for continued success throughout their lives. Sigma Phi Omicron promotes academic achievement by helping members adjust to the college environment, and by pushing its members to achieve their scholastic goals. Sigma Pi Omicron is proud of welcoming hundreds of brothers from different walks of life and bringing each other under one roof.

Delta Kappa Phi (ΔΚΦ)

Delta Kappa Phi, established in 1899, is the oldest textile fraternity in America. It’s continued success is built on the efforts of each individual member and his loyalty service to the fraternity. Delta Kappa Phi strives on promoting excellence in the classroom and all life endeavors.

Phi Kappa Sigma (ΦΚΣ)

Phi Kappa Sigma, also known as the Skulls, is an international Fraternity that was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. “Brotherhood is more than skin deep” and “Equal to the stars in endurance” are a couple of the mottos that we pride ourselves in living by. The chapter here at UMass Lowell was established in 1992 and continues to grow and prosper. Our signature philanthropy event, Cardboard City, is one that we hold dearly every year, and our biannual leadership programs are great ways to learn and make friends from any of our 40+ active chapters. Phi Kappa Sigma is a college experience that’s more than just earning a degree.

Sigma Beta Rho (ΣΒΡ)

The University of Massachusetts Lowell Colony was established here in the Spring of 2010. We pride ourselves on our three pillars of Society, Brotherhood and Remembrance, as well as our motto of “brotherhood beyond all barriers.” We embrace and promote diversity within our organization and are proud to accept brothers of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Our brothers serve as role models and mentors in their communities, breaking down barriers as well as making the betterment of the community a priority through service and philanthropy.

Sigma Tau Gamma (ΣΤΓ)

Sigma Tau Gamma is a national college fraternity founded in 1920 by educators and by veterans of the First World War. Founded as a society of men who endeavor to pursue the highest ideals of Manhood, Brotherhood, and Citizenship, its members dedicate themselves to a Path of Principals: value, learning, leadership, excellence, benefit and integrity. Epsilon Delta has been a chapter at UMass Lowell since 1993 and continues to develop leaders of both the University and community into world-ready men. Find us on Instagram at SigTauUML or contact us at

Alpha Sigma Tau (ΑΣΤ)

Alpha Sigma Tau’s first chapter was founded on November 4, 1899 and has grown to include over 85 collegiate chapters and colonies and over 40 alumnae associations nationwide. The Beta Tau Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau was established at this campus on April 12, 1975 and has since initiated 450 women into the sisterhood. Before extension, we were Beta Tau, a local sorority founded in 1969. Today, we pride ourselves in being the only sorority on campus which is part of the National Panhellenic Conference. We are a diverse group with a common dedication to advancing our members, serving our communities, building lifelong friendships, and fulfilling the purpose of our sorority. To find out more information about us or our upcoming events, visit the Alpha Sigma Tau (ΑΣΤ) website.

Kappa Delta Phi NAS (ΚΔΦ N.A.S.)

Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, Kappa Upsilon chapter was founded in 1972. Our mission is to encourage higher education ideals in our institutions, to promote a spirit of citizenship, individual character, and fellowship, and to oppose discrimination, on the basis of race, color or creed, in order to strengthen and preserve the bonds of sisterhood. For updates on recruitment activities and important information, please add us on Facebook: Rush Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S, Kappa Upsilon Chapter at UMass Lowell. Or follow us on Instagram @instagram KappaUpsilon.

Alpha Omega (AΩ)

Alpha Omega prides itself on being the oldest sorority on campus and one of two local sororities at UMass Lowell. The sisters of Alpha Omega believe strongly in service to their community and to each other. Alpha Omega is an academic sorority that focuses on its members’ well-being so that they are able to grow and thrive both within the University and in other aspects of their lives as well. Joining Alpha Omega provides leadership, service, and networking opportunities. Above all, sisters find a home away from home within Alpha Omega. When asked before joining Alpha Omega, the majority of sisters said they would never join a sorority. Now, those same women say it was the best decision they have ever made. For more information check us out on Facebook: Alpha Omega - AΩ - UMass Lowell Sorority.

Phi Sigma Rho (ΦΣΡ)

Phi Sigma Pho was established in 1937 at the Lowell Textile Institute, currently known as the University of Massachusetts Lowell, making us the first sorority on campus. As a local sorority we believe in our service to the local community and to that of our University. The sorority name represents the principles of our organization; Phi signifying friendship, Sigma signifying service and Rho signifying responsibility. We inspire young women to become leaders while creating bonds of friendship and establishing lifelong networks. Phi Sigma Rho is dedicated to embracing diversity and developing amazingly confident women who are comfortable in their own skin. For more information email us at: and like us on Facebook: Phi Sigma Rho at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.