Room Reservations

Room Reservation Form & Policies

Room Request Form (Student Club/Organization use only)

To reserve a room for an upcoming event, you must fill out a new event form on the UMass Lowell Clubs and Organizations website. Please note that you must use your UMass Lowell email login information to access the site, and your club/organization must be registered!

If you are from an on-campus department you must contact the Office of Special Events at to book any room on campus.

Room Reservations

University facilities are for the use of legitimate groups and organizations and may not be reserved by individuals for their private use.


  1. All student organizations must have the approval of the Faculty/Staff Advisor and the Director of Student Activities and Leadership or designee for events beyond regular meetings and information tables.
  2. All faculty functions must have the approval of the appropriate College Dean.
  3. All Administrative Staff Personnel must have the approval of their Supervisor.
  4. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled activity. Changes must be made in writing no later than five working days before the event. “Setup” changes after the five-day deadline cannot be guaranteed.


(Upon request, a complete list of policies can be obtained from the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.)

  1. University facilities are available for use between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight; all cleanup, etc., must be completed by 1 a.m.
  2. Groups utilizing University facilities are responsible for restoring the facilities and grounds to an acceptable state of cleanliness and order after each use, including rest rooms and parking lots. The cost of any additional cleaning and/or maintenance caused by damage or failure to return the facility to its proper condition shall be charged to the sponsoring organization. The person signing the reservation agrees to this stipulation.
  3. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted to be served or consumed on University property.
  4. Activities sponsored by student organizations are intended for the benefit and enjoyment of the University of Massachusetts Lowell community. UMass Lowell students may admit one guest to events with their student ID.
  5. Student organizations wishing to admit the general public must petition the Director of Student Activities and Leadership in writing at the McGauvran Student Center.
  6. No advertising may be placed off campus for on campus events (This includes radio announcements and / or newspaper advertisements). Advertising is restricted to bulletin boards and may not be placed on walls, windows, and / or doors.
  7. Due to a shortage of some equipment (i.e., tables, chairs), the sponsoring group may need to arrange for the rental, including setup, of the necessary item.