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River Hawk Rising Scholars Program


River Hawk Rising Scholars is a cohort based initiative designed to professionally develop & support students as they successfully navigate the UMass Lowell community. Students receive focused coaching geared towards the different stages of their college career. Scholars are connected with an OMA coach who serves as a resource and key point of contact. Students meet weekly and attend workshops and community building program activities together. River Hawk Rising Scholars develop close relationships with their peers as well as being connected early with mentors & leaders in their community.

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Breakdown by Year

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As a base-building and critical moment of a student’s career, the initial year focuses on ensuring a smooth transition to the university environment. Participants are introduced to the many important resources available on campus while building relationships and key skills to enhance their UMass Lowell experience. Workshops will build and enhance essential skills for success: time management, study skills and campus resources.

The second year will focus on providing resources as students transition into their major while emphasizing opportunities to continue to network with faculty and campus partners. Participants will continue to meet with their OMA coach to refine their success plan while continuing to build community within their cohorts.

During the third year, professional development and career exploration will be a strong emphasis. In conjunction with the Alumni and Career Development Offices participants will have opportunities to enhance professional skills and tap into critical networks. Graduate school workshops will be part of the lineup that participants can choose from. Additionally, participants will be encouraged to sign up for a mentoring relationship through Alumni Relations.

The last year of the program will focus on preparing students for post UMass Lowell opportunities. Students will continue to partner closely with the Career Development Office and will receive assistance as they begin their career search. Students who are interested in graduate school will work with an OMA staff member and available campus resources.

Meet Our Students

Lana Bashir '23 Liberal Arts

Lana Bashir fell in love with UMass Lowell when she toured the campus.

I liked the homey feel, and I talked to a couple of different students and they really liked it here.

More Information

To learn more about the River Hawk Rising Scholars Program, please contact:
Elsie Otero, Associate Director Multicultural Affairs 
Phone: 979-934-5020