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Invisible Identity Series

Invisible Identity Series Spring 2019 Poster, Themes - Student Athletes: More than just a Jock, Not just He or She: Understanding Non-Binary Identities, Model Minorities: Asian American Students

The Invisible Identity Series raises awareness of hidden identities within our campus community. Beginning in October and ending in April, this series will showcase a different Invisible Identity each month. Previous topics have included: Mental Health, Food Insecurity and Homelessness, Student-Athletes, Students who are Parents, Race & Ethnicity, Immigration, Survivors of Domestic Violence, and Student-Veterans, to name a few. Please share with us your ideas for topics!

Upcoming Series Time and Location

Spring 2019 Dates: all sessions held in University Crossing (UCC) 255 from 5-6:30 p.m.

  • February 6: Student Athletes: More Than "Just a Jock"
  • March 6: Not Just 'He' or 'She': understanding Non-Binary Identities
  • April 3: Model Minorities: Asian American Students