Two female students petting a stress relief dog.

Campus Advocates for Prevention Education (CAPE)

Campus Advocates for Prevention Education (CAPE) logo
CAPE (Campus Advocates for Prevention Education) is a group of students who provide their peers with education and awareness around sexual violence and mental health. Through outreach and advocacy, CAPE works to support a safe and healthy UMass Lowell community.

What does CAPE aim to do?

  • Create Conversations
  • Provide Information and Awareness
  • Create a Supportive Environment
  • Encourage Positive Mental Health

Past CAPE Members Mike, Jess, Abbey and Michelle pose with Rowdy the River Hawk.

Who Are The CAPEs?

Members of CAPE come from various parts of campus. Check out our current CAPEs!

  • Alyssa Aurilio
  • Dishan Bagayao
  • Caitlin Baranow
  • Mike Ciulla
  • Monserrat Flores
  • Michelle Janiak
  • Jessica Kergo
  • Marina Novaes
  • Nkajima Obele

Have a question about CAPE? Please email us:

UMass Lowell Students in HOPE stand


To learn how to join CAPE please visit our UMatter Peer Prevention Educators website.