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JAWS and ZoomText FAQ

What are they?

JAWS is screen reading software mainly utilized by the blind community. This software will audibly relay everything that is happening on the computer screen. This allows an unsighted user to completely navigate Microsoft Windows and many programs.

ZoomText is screen magnification software mainly utilized by people who have low-vision. This allows the user to make everything on the screen larger, including program menus. There are also options to change the color and contrast of the screen, as well as adding focus areas for ease of use.

How can I access them?

Both pieces of software are housed on the vLab. Many computers on campus have the vLab installed (or is running the vLab by default). Both pieces of software on on the vLab desktop.

How can I access the vLab on my personal computer?

You will need to install the VMware Horizon View Client for Windows in order to use JAWS and ZoomText.

Instructions on how to download the client can be found on the UMass Lowell Information Technology website.

Can someone show me how to use the software?

For a demonstration and tutorial, please contact the SDS office:

Disability Services (part of the Wellness Center)
University Crossing
220 Pawtucket Street, Suite #300
Lowell MA 01854-5144
Phone:  978-934-6800
Fax: 978-934-2032