New to UMass Lowell? Whether you're transferring from a different university or preparing for a career change, new beginnings can be exciting and stressful. Like many students, you'll have the opportunity to meet new faculty, challenge yourself academically and meet a variety of new people. Still, adjusting to a new university can be tough. Counselors at UMLCS understand and are here to help.

Transfer and non-traditional students may face additional stressors that impact life in various ways. For example, you may struggle with deciding which career path best fits your future, you may find it challenging to meet friends or you may feel overwhelmed with all of the changes.

Common Challenges that Transfer and Non-Traditional Students May Experience:

  • Adjustment to Lowell/UMass Lowell
  • Meeting new friends or feeling socially isolated
  • Academic distressBalancing family/work responsibilities along with academics
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Financial difficulties

We invite you to call or come into UMLCS and check out our free and confidential brief individual counseling or therapy groups that can assist in easing your transition to UMass Lowell.

Resources for Transfer and Non-Traditional Students