Adjusting to a new country, culture and academic system can be both exciting and difficult. Transitions can be especially challenging when you are far away from people who usually support you.

Some international students have specific problems they want help with when they come to UMLCS. Others are just aware that things are not going as well as they expected.

Common challenges that international students may experience:

  • Missing home or not wanting to go home
  • Choosing a major and pressure from the family about which major to choose
  • Not being understood because of your accent or how you express yourself
  • Conflicts between values at home and in the US regarding dating
  • Difficulties making friends and problems interacting with professors, advisors or employers
  • Concerns about family reactions to choices you make while in the US
  • Dealing with others' misperceptions about your culture or country
  • Finding that things that were a problem at home are still a problem even though you are in a new environment

Resources for International Students

  • UMass Lowell Office of Multicultural Affairs: A welcome landing place for students of various backgrounds and identities to get personal support, advocacy and learn about multicultural resources and programs on campus.
  • UMass Lowell Advising Center: Students can access help with academic advising, tutoring, registration, exploring major/minor, study skills workshops, calculating GPA and more.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations (ENGAGE): Students can explore all student organizations based on keywords and find club events and contact information.
  • Tips for International Students Living in the US: Various helpful tips for international students living in the US.
  • Bias Reporting: If UMass Lowell students are experiencing or witnessing instances of bias against them or acted upon others, they can anonymously report these through the UMass Lowell Bias Incident Report form.

Content adapted with permission from University of Kentucky Counseling Center.