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Confidentiality & Privacy

We are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and maintain the following privacy policy to protect personal information.

Counseling Confidentiality

Information from private counseling sessions is discussed only in confidential Counseling Center staff and supervision meetings. It will not be discussed with or released to other people without your consent. Your clinician's notes are not a part of your official University record.

In certain circumstances, confidentiality is breached for legal matters. Examples include:

  • If you were at risk for harming yourself or another person
  • If you were reporting the abuse of a child
  • If you were reporting emotional or physical abuse of a person with a disability who, because of the disability, was dependent on others
  • If you were reporting serious emotional or physical abuse or financial exploitation of an elderly person.
  • If a court order is issued.  Clinicians will only disclose the information specifically described in the order.