Who is eligible to receive services from the Counseling Center?

Any matriculated student is eligible to receive services from the Counseling Center (full/part-time, undergraduate, graduate).

How much does it cost to come to the Counseling Center?

Free! There is no charge for eligible students to meet with a counselor.  Students working with the Counseling Center who are referred to the visiting psychiatrist will be billed for those appointments separately, through their insurance.

How can I meet with a counselor?

Appointments are required to meet with a counselor (with the exception of emergencies) and can be made either in person or over the phone during general office hours. Students may begin a conversation with the Counseling Center about an initial appointment through email but will rarely be scheduled that way. 

If there is an emergency situation, please come directly to the Counseling Center or call the UMass Lowell campus police: 978-934-2911.

Can I schedule an appointment for my friend/child/student?

Coming to counseling is a personal and individual decision. We, at the CC, find it works better when the student takes responsibility themselves for appointments.

Who goes to counseling? Why should I go?

Students with all kinds of struggles come to the Counseling Center for support. There is no problem too small or insignificant to talk about. Some students come in once or twice if they’re feeling overwhelmed by classes or adjusting to college life; others come in a bit more regularly for ongoing stressors such as anxiety, depression, family illness, etc. The important thing to remember is that there is no wrong reason to come in, only right ones.

Is counseling confidential?

By law and according to ethical principles, everything discussed with a counselor is confidential. No information will be released without the students consent. If, however, there is a direct threat of harm to self, others or child negligence, by law the counselor is bound to report to the appropriate authorities.

If I go to the Counseling Center, will it go on my UMass Lowell academic record?

No. The Counseling Center keeps its own records for therapeutic purposes, and in alliance with standard medical procedures, deletes all documentation every seven years. Your academic records remain completely separate from University records.

How long and how frequent are appointments?

Sessions are typically either 30 or 50 minutes; depending on their needs and situation, students may come in once or twice and never again. Students may also come in regularly on a schedule that they may establish with their counselor.

What are the qualifications of the counselors?

We have a diverse staff in our office. Check out Meet the Staff for more information on our senior staff. All of our staff members are licensed in Massachusetts as psychologists, licensed mental health counselors or licensed counselors of social work. We also have student interns from outside schools who are doctoral or masters level candidates.

How many counseling sessions can I attend?

Although we do not have a limit on the number of sessions that a student can attend, we focus on short-term counseling. Our goal is to support students and to guide them back to their true personal and academic potential. If a student is in need of more intensive counseling than what we believe we can offer, we will refer them out to the appropriate resources.

I’m concerned about my friend. What should I do?

Students can make an appointment to meet with a counselor and discuss their concerns for a friend/classmate. The counselor will be able to offer guidance and advice in regards to what may be of concern.