UMass Lowell Counseling Services strives to train and prepare intern and practicum students to become well-rounded competent and ethical practitioners, able to function in a variety of clinical settings. UMass Lowell interns develop skills of assessment, treatment, crisis intervention and outreach through exposure to the daily practice of a college counseling center. Our trainees are valued, and we treat them with respect and the recognition that they will be future colleagues. By the end of our training year, interns are functioning as independent clinicians, while still under the careful supervision of their supervisor and the entire staff. 

Counseling Services encourages individual development and growth through clinical practice and student outreach. Counseling interns are offered opportunities to expand their roles in Counseling Services utilizing empirically supported strategies based on their specific interests.

Time Requirements

  • Commitment of 20 hours per week, throughout the academic year
  • Schedules are flexible with the exception of Wednesday mornings which are required for staff meetings
  • Two interns each academic semester will be asked to work extended evening hours


  • To help offset expenses and travel costs, interns are offered a stipend of $5,000 dispersed throughout the year

Clinical Services

  • Provide intake assessments and determine immediate needs of students
  • Hold a caseload of 8 - 12 students
  • Student outreach within the University through events such as mental health screenings within residence halls
  • Meet with students privately for individualized counseling sessions and assess new clients


  • Didactic Seminars: Seminars are provided weekly for interns and counseling staff on various topics.
  • Staff Meetings: Meetings are held weekly (Wednesday mornings) for the entire Counseling Services staff and interns. Case assignment and collaboration is discussed at this time.
  • Division Meetings: Interns have the opportunity to participate in meetings run by the Dean of Students, which include the entire Student Affairs Division. Here, interns may better understand the dynamics of University departments and the importance of collaboration between offices.

Contact Elyse Lemaire, senior staff psychologist, for more information.

Driving Distances/Times

To look up directions from a specific location to UMass Lowell Counseling Services, click on UMass Lowell Maps. Go to Buildings, and click on University Crossing. Click on the teal arrow icon under the map to the right. A new web browser will open where you may enter the exact address you will be leaving from.