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Sexual Trauma, Abuse & Rape

If you or a friend are a victim of sexual violence your first step is to get to a safe place.

Steps to Take

  1. Get to a safe place.
  2. Don’t change your clothes, shower or go to the bathroom. Find out how to preserve evidence.
  3. You are strongly encouraged to talk to a UMass Lowell professional staff member or contact UMass Lowell Police, 978-934-4911 or ext. 44911.
  4. You are strongly encouraged to go to Lowell General Hospital to be examined. Seeking medical attention at a SANE Hospital also is strongly encouraged. Lowell General Hospital is the closest SANE hospital in this area. The University Police will provide transportation in an unmarked car if you need assistance.

Get Information

The safety and well-being of our students is of the highest priority; if you or a friend are a victim of sexual violence your first step, after getting to a safe place, should be seeking and receiving the medical and mental health assistance you need. You do not have to seek criminal or conduct charges in order to receive medical or mental health services.

Once safety has been established the victim should obtain necessary medical treatment and advice, preferably from a SANE (sexual assault nurse examine) hospital; the closest SANE hospital is Lowell General Hospital; you can request transport from UMass Lowell Police Department (in an unmarked car).

Reporting sexual violence to a UMass Lowell staff member, including a University Counselor (for anonymous reporting), Student Affairs staff member, coach, a Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator, or to the UMass Lowell Police Department will provide the opportunity of providing the necessary resources to the victim. Please remember that the preservation of evidence is a precaution to take in case you want to pursue charges at some point in the future.

Confidential support on campus is available:

Additional information can be found on the UMass Lowell Sexual Violence Prevention page.