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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Struggles

Understanding who you are and being open about it can be a challenge. Sexual orientation runs along a continuum where there are no right or wrong answers. People can be straight, gay, homosexual, heterosexual, queer, lesbians, transgender, questioning … the list goes on.

Living with confusion about identity is emotionally exhausting and potentially destructive. For some people this period is followed quite quickly by a stage in which they come to accept their identity and are able to express it in a positive way. Mixing with other LGBT people - in social settings or through support groups - can help a person feel able to accept who they are. For some people, particularly in larger towns and cities, LGBT support groups provide a safe environment for coming out. Elsewhere, local and national LGBT telephone helplines provide a listening ear for people who want support. 

Outside sites:

We encourage you to check out the student group, Pride Alliance, on the UMass Lowell's Clubs & Organizations site.