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Group of students on east campus

Additional Resources

For Students

The internet has information on just about everything and that can be overwhelming. To help, we've put together information for various topics that students are typically interested in. You can find brochures, information and outside websites when you open up a specific topic.

Is there a topic that you're curious about but is not listed? Email us and let us know!

For Faculty & Staff

Dealing with Distressed Students and Disruptive Behavior (pdf)

Counseling Center Brochure (pdf)

Students of Concern (pdf)

Be an Ally to Gays & Lesbians (pdf)

Faculty and staff often are in a good position to see if a student is struggling. Emotional struggles may show up in assignments, attendance or general classroom demeanor. If you have a concern about a student, don’t hesitate to contact the Counseling Center. We will be happy to discuss the signs that your student is exhibiting and offer any recommendations that we can.

For Parents

Please refer to our Parent page for more information.

Outside websites: