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The chancellor's medals lined up on a table. Photo from 2014.


2017 Chancellor's Medals Committee Members

  • Pouya Afshar - Faculty – College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Elizabeth Bifuh-Ambe- Faculty, Graduate School of Education
  • Khalilah Reddie- Faculty-Kennedy College of Sciences
  • Mary Connelly - Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
  • Brenda Evans - Dean of Student Affairs & Event Services
  • Nancy Goodyear - Faculty – College of Health Sciences
  • James Kohl - Dean of Student Affairs & Enrichment
  • Ziyad Salameh - Faculty – Francis College of Engineering
  • Laurence Siegel - Associate Vice Chancellor Student Affairs & University Events
  • Christine Smith - Associate Athletic Director for Student Services
  • Deborah White - Director of Graduate Programs
  • Leslie Wong- Director of Multicultural Affairs
  • Yi Yang – Manning School of Business

Note: Committee members cannot write recommendations for Chancellor's Medal applicants.