Your resume is your marketing tool and should be unique to you, reflecting your education, experience and relevant skills. Use our Effective Resume Writing handout (pdf) as a guide for more information and samples to get you started. Below are key resources that will help you organize and develop your resume.

Before You Begin

Building Your Resume

Get sample resume downloads

These are in Microsoft word .doc format:

  • Business - Describing academic projects
  • Veteran - Student-Veteran describing military experience
  • Criminology - Showing Associate's and Bachelor's degrees, and project work
  • Exercise Physiology - Highlighting relevant skills and experience
  • Biology - Highlighting lab skills, related and other experience
  • Business - Highlighting relevant and additional experience
  • Art - Showcasing graphic design skills, projects, and experience
  • Chemical Engineering - Highlighting skills, internships, projects, and experience
  • Computer Science - With computer skills, projects, related experience, and activities
  • Plastics Engineering - Showing tech skills, projects, related experience, and activities
  • Sociology - Highlighting skills, study abroad, related and additional experience, and activities