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To be successful in a job interview, you’ll need lots of preparation and rehearsal. Plan to research the organization, anticipate questions you’ll be asked, practice your answers, and practice some more.

Contact the Career & Co-op Center at 978-934-2355 or make an appointment online to schedule a practice interview to take place either in a video-recorded, face-to-face environment in our offices, or by phone to rehearse the commonly used phone screen interview. It's a good idea to schedule these practices well in advance of "the real thing."

If you have a webcam, another terrific way to prepare for job interviews is to use a unique online product, Interview Stream, that lets you respond to a video-recorded interviewer, record your answers, and play them back - as many times as you like - all from the comfort of your own computer screen, 24/7/365!

Use InterviewStream

Please see these additional resources for interviewing help: