Elevator Pitch

Imagine you are in the elevator with the president of the company for which you would love to work. You have a limited amount of time before one of you gets off the elevator. What would you say? What would you want to convey about your skills, background, education, and why you’re interested in working for that company?

Your elevator pitch is your introduction and should demonstrate two to three key skills that you believe are critical to your chosen career and that set you apart from the competition. It can be used to describe yourself to people to whom you are already acquainted or to introduce yourself to prospective employers and contacts at networking opportunities or career fairs. Be sure to incorporate active language (verbs and descriptions) and emphasize your strengths and positive attributes.

Make sure you are comfortable with the words and phrases you select not only on paper but verbally as well. Remember that the point of developing a 30-second elevator pitch is for you to be able to deliver it with confidence and without error.

Be sure to practice yours so it’s ready to be delivered anytime! Here are some examples:

  1. In May 2017 I will graduate from UMass Lowell with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Last summer I had a great internship with the ABC Company where I had the opportunity to put what I learned in the classroom into practice. Specifically, I was responsible for helping to write code for a new software release. Right now, I am looking for an entry-level position where I can further develop my programming skills.
  2. I am currently a sophomore at UMass Lowell studying criminal justice and psychology. Through my coursework I've developed a broad understanding of the criminal justice system. I’d like an internship in juvenile justice to put my academic training into hands-on experience and further develop my skills.