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Overview of Career Services

Staff members of the Career Services & Cooperative Education Center help students develop the understanding and skills needed to make informed choices throughout their careers. We firmly believe that students who use our services from the beginning of their academic experience – freshman year is not too early – will gain a competitive edge in the employment marketplace. Over time, they will learn how their particular abilities, interests and values fit into the world of work. This knowledge, along with well-developed job search tools and skills, will help UMass Lowell graduates secure enjoyable and meaningful career opportunities throughout their lifetime. Following are the services we provide.

Individual Career Counseling and Guidance

Students can schedule an individual appointment via our website. We also offer drop-in hours each week for 15-minute consultations. A career counselor can help with:

  • identifying marketable skills and areas of interest
  • developing a targeted career search strategy
  • completing a vocational assessment
  • selecting a major
  • practicing interview skills.

Vocational Assessments

When a student is exploring which major to choose (or to change to), discussing results of one or more vocational assessments with a career counselor can be helpful. The Career & Co-op Center offers the following assessments free of charge:

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment tool that can help students identify work environments and career fields that may compliment their personal preferences, understand and manage job challenges, and evaluate job opportunities.

SkillScan is a "hands-on" assessment of a student's strengths and transferable skills, which is helpful in exploring career options. In addition, the assessment helps students describe those strengths as they prepare resumes and cover letters, and in job and internship interviews.

The FOCUS 2 is a self-paced career guidance tool designed to help you select a major, clarify your career goals, and provide you with valuable occupational information.

Career Development Workshops

Professional staff members offer interactive workshops throughout the academic year on a number of career topics, including the following:

  • Resume development
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interview skills
  • Job search strategies
  • Career fair preparation
  • Skill identification
  • Networking
  • Negotiating

Faculty members often invite career services professionals into their classes to make presentations related to their particular student group. These classroom presentations offer a great opportunity for specific major-to-career information sharing and discussion.

Online Career Resources

The Career & Co-op Center website provides access to several online career resources to serve our students' 24/7 information needs. Job search advice and links to many recruiting employers and job search engines are easily found on our site, as are online tools designed to help students fine-tune career goals and research potential occupations. The online resource "What Can I Do With This Major?" can be helpful to those interested in seeing how specific academic majors translate into careers. Additional services are available to students who set up a free UMass Lowell online Handshake account.

Job Search Resources

The Career & Co-op Center provides several ways for students to connect with employers.

  • Career Fairs and Events - Each semester, the Career & Co-op Center hosts job fairs and events to bring students and employers together. Before our Career Fairs, we conduct workshops with students to help them prepare to interact with recruiters and make the most of the experience.
  • Job Postings on the Web - Through our online recruiting system, employers make job listings accessible to UMass Lowell students 24 hours a day. Students access these listings through their free online Handshake account.
  • Co-ops, Internships and other Career-Related Work Experience - Listings of internship, cooperative education, and pre-professional opportunities for our students are accessible by students through their online Handshake account. Students interested in pursuing internships through The Washington Center (in which they work in any one of dozens of fields in private, public, and non-profit organizations in Washington, DC) can also obtain needed guidance and application materials in the Career & Co-op Center.

On-Campus Recruiting

UMass Lowell has an online recruiting program, called Handshake, through which employers can post job, internship, and co-op opportunities for viewing specifically by UMass Lowell students. Through this same program, students can apply for posted opportunities by submitting resumes online. The system then allows employers to view submitted resumes and notify those students they'd like to interview. Frequently, these interviews take place on the UMass Lowell campus.

All current students have access to view jobs posted in the Handshake system.