Samantha Hamel - MSB Co-op

Co-op Overview

For more than 100 years, UMass Lowell has been educating students to work in the real world to solve real world problems. We know that many students learn best by doing and the undergraduate Professional Cooperative Education program (known as co-op) provides students with the chance to systematically integrate their classroom studies with professional work experiences. By alternating semesters of academics and work experience, students deepen their learning and are challenged to develop themselves as professionals as they gain valuable technical and professional skills through multiple co-op work experiences related to their academic major and career goals.

The professional co-op program is a partnership among students, the University and employers and is administered by the UMass Lowell Career & Co-op Center. Co-op is viewed as an academic program and is coordinated and supervised by the professional co-op coordinator and faculty affiliated with each participating College with the same care and rigor as any other course in the academic curriculum.

Co-op is a structured and selective, voluntary program for students. Students who are in good academic standing and who are approved by their academic department may elect to apply to the professional co-op program.

How UMass Lowell Professional Co-op Works: A Three-Phase Process