Two male engineering students working on equipment at their co-op.

Co-op experiences are considered academic experiences but are not credit-bearing. Thus while students are not paying tuition as they are not enrolled in academic credits DURING the experience, co-op fees are charged to cover the enrollment and registration for maintaining a student's full-time status while he/she is on a work experience. The co-op experience is recorded on a student's academic transcript.

For more information about Financial Aid while you’re on Professional Co-op, please visit their page and FAQs.

Six month co-op experiences span two academic semesters:

  1. January - June (Spring & Summer I semester)
  2. July - December (Summer II & Fall)

Three month co-op (summer only):

  • June - August (Summer II)
Co-op TypeDurationFees*(Subject to Change)
Summer Co-op
(0 credit, S/U)
Category A: 3 months
(June, July, August)
$ 30 CSCE SU registration fee
6 Month
(0 credit, S/U)
Category B: 6 months
(July - December)
$30 CSCE SU registration fee
6 MonthCo-op(0 credit, S/U)Category C: 6 months
(January - June)
$30 CSCE SU registration fee