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Wendy Hyatt

Wendy Hyatt, UMass Lowell Co-op coordinator
Wendy Hyatt, M.Ed. Co-op Coordinator for the College of Engineering

Educational Background

M.E.d., Higher Education Administration, Merrimack College
B.A., International Marketing, University of St. Thomas


Prior to joining UMass Lowell, Wendy worked in Employer Relations at MIT and Merrimack College. In addition to higher education, Wendy has experience in the private sector, working for 3M, Xerox and Rank Xerox in Madrid. She also ran her own organizational consulting company that designed and delivered organizational strategies for a broad range of clients. Additionally, she served as a program director for her church and ran various youth groups, mission trips and has volunteered at Nobody’s Children, Solid Rock International and Challenge Unlimited. Wendy’s move to higher education was a deliberate choice to combine her life experiences, skills and values to help all types of students navigate their career and life goals. She coaches and instructs undergraduate electrical and computer engineering students here at UMass Lowell.


Wendy’s strengths lie in connecting people, energizing projects, getting programs rolling and unifying ideas and diverse populations. She deeply enjoys projecting worth and value to others and believes every day should have at least one good belly laugh. Her research interests surround First Generation students.