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Student Guide to CareerLINK

Click on the following links for further descriptions:

 Access CareerLink

Current UMass Lowell students already have a CareerLINK account. To access it:

  • Click on CareerLINK  
  • Enter username (UMass Lowell email address) and password (student ID starting with UMS)
  • Complete required profile fields.

If you are not a current UMass Lowell student (i.e., alumnus), please contact the Career & Co-op Center at 978-934-2355 to set up an account.

 Upload Your Job Search Documents

  • Put your cursor over My Account and select My Documents
  • Next to the appropriate document type, click on Add 
  • Click on Choose File, and then select and name the document you wish to add
  • Click on Save
  • Note:  the first resume you upload will be reviewed and approved by a UMass Lowell Career Counselor

 Search for Jobs, Internships and Co-ops

  • Click on Job Search
  • Click on Advanced Search and enter search criteria such as Position Type, Major, and State
  • Click on Search to view the list of postings that match your search criteria
  • Click on on Job ID or Title for the specifics of the position and application instructions.

 Evaluating Internships or Entry-level Jobs on CareerLINK

As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), UMass Lowell's Career Services & Cooperative Education Center adheres to NACE's ethical standards in recruiting and holds recruiting employers to ethical standards, as well. These principles for employment professionals outline ethical standards for recruitment of college students.

UMass Lowell’s Career & Co-op Center makes reasonable efforts to screen each organization and each position that is posted on CareerLINK, our jobs and internships database. That screening includes:

  1. Reviewing the organization’s website
  2. Determining the exact physical location of the company, in order to ensure that the organization is not located in a private residence 
  3. Reviewing the job description and other position details, as well as contact and posting information.

However, there is always a possibility that an organization does not accurately portray itself or a position to the Career & Co-op Center. In some cases, an organization may even try to exploit or defraud a student.

Students are responsible for researching any opportunity that interests them by reading information about the organization offered on CareerLINK by going to the organization website, or by searching for the organization on the internet and by asking questions during an interview. If you come across a position or organization that seems suspicious, please be extremely cautious, cease any communication, and alert the Career & Co-op Center at or 978-934-2355.  

While not an exhaustive list, these are some things that should make you cautious and wary:

  • The organization does not appear businesslike. For example, the contact telephone is a residential line; people are difficult to reach or require you to talk at odd hours; written communications contain misspellings or poor grammar; websites have amateurish graphics or design; recruiters ask for personal information such as financial account numbers, social security numbers, or personal or relationship status; the organization has a post office box address rather than a professional “bricks and mortar” address. 
  • The organization asks you to purchase or provide your own equipment, such as computer, cell phone, camera, or other personal equipment 
  • The organization asks you to make an initial investment or to purchase product or inventory 
  • The organization asks you to work “virtually” or in a private residence 
  • The organization tries to schedule an interview in a non-professional setting such as a cocktail lounge or bar,  or in a non-public place, such as a personal residence or hotel room 
  • The recruiter offers to pick you up or meet you in his/her automobile 
  • The recruiter asks personal or non-businesslike questions or uses social media in an intrusive or non-businesslike way 
  • If a paid position, the organization offers to pay you in cash or “under the table” or insists that you work at less than minimum wage or without overtime pay.

 Save Jobs

  • Click on the star icon next to the job title OR view the job and click on Add to Favorites
  • Click on My Favorites on the left navigation bar to see your favorite jobs
  • You can email job records by clicking on the Email to a Friend icon in the job profile.

 Sign Up for On-Campus Interviews

  • You will only be able to apply to interview schedules for which you are qualified
  • Put your cursor over Interview Schedules and select Sign up for Interviews I qualify for
  • Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position and application instructions. If this is a Preselect Schedule, then you will be requesting to be interviewed; if this is an Open Schedule, then you will be allowed to choose an open interview timeslot.

 View Upcoming Interview Schedules

  • Put your cursor over Interview Schedules and select VIEW ALL Upcoming Interviews
  • Scroll down to view the entire list of interview schedules OR click on Advanced Search and enter search criteria to narrow down your interview schedule search
  • Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position.

 Search for Career Events and Workshops

  • Go to the Career Events & Workshops tab at the top of your homepage
  • Scroll down to view the entire list of events, or click on Advanced Search to enter search criteria 
  • To view details, click on the career event's name.