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Community Connections Breakfast Form

Which of the below best describes you?
Would you like your information included in our "take away" booklet at the event? This booklet is used to provide you with networking contacts.
Booklet Information
All information provided in the below section will be printed in the booklet as it is submitted below. We ask that you please proof before inserting the information and use the below examples as a guideline for submissions. If you selected NO to the previous question, your information will not be included in the booklet. Please do not exceed word limits provided below.
Community Based Organization - Example
Mission: CTI’s mission is to assist low-income people to become self-sufficient, to alleviate the effects of poverty, and to assist low-income people to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Seeking: Partnerships related to our mission and/or any administrative or communications support
UMass Lowell Faculty or Staff - Example
Focus: Materials and their properties (e.g., mechanical behavior, sustainability) as it relates to Mechanical Engineering. Seeking: Groups that have relations to textiles, composites, green building practices, and sustainable materials design. Or any groups that may fit into the mechanical engineering area.
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