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Office for Advising & Student Success in the Sciences (OAS²iS)

The Office for Advising and Student Success in the Sciences (OAS²iS) provides general advising and support for Kennedy College of Science students.

Beginning in fall 2017, new incoming students are assigned two advisors in SiS: A professional academic advisor and a faculty advisor.

Faculty advisors will continue to provide students, particularly upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) with the mentorship, information and support needed to be successful in their field of study.

Professional Advisors

New freshman KCS students are either assigned to either Meagan Sullivan or Sue Casey O'Neil. While continuing to meet with any student who is in need, they focus primarily on freshman outreach, coaching and support:

New transfer KCS students are primarily advised by their faculty advisor. Additionally, they are assigned a professional advisor from the Centers for Learning, Reaksmey Roeung Meas (Raks):

Honors College KCS students are assisted by Erin Maitland regarding the Honors Program Requirements:

Returning KCS students will continue to meet with their faculty advisor and utilize academic support services through the Centers for Learning.

OAS²iS is located in the Olney Science Center, Room 523 on Riverside Street. Make an appointment (with Meagan Sullivan or Sue Casey O'Neill) using Appointment-Plus or visit during walk-in hours.


Some students may also be part of the River Hawk Scholars Program and have a second advisor, Rachel Shertzer.

All students in the Kennedy College of Sciences are required to meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes and to discuss ways to support their success at UMass Lowell.

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